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Family Raised Boston Terriers
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Please read this page very carefully.

We guarantee that every puppy is healthy when it leaves here. Our puppies and dogs have not been
exposed to infectious diseases here. If your puppy is exposed to an infectious disease after it leaves here,
this is not covered under the health guarantee. Please pay particular attention to this if you have recently
lost a dog or puppy! Infectious diseases are not covered by our health guarantee, as we have no control
over what the puppy is exposed to after it leaves our home.
We also cannot guarantee that your puppy will never develop any health problems, just like a pediatrician
cannot guarantee that a child will never develop any health problems in the future. Some things are just
not predictable.
Our puppies' parents are free of diseases, disorders, and health problems, or we would not breed them.
That means the puppies are less likely to develop problems. However, it doesn't guarantee they will never
develop a problem. We encourage EVERY buyer to make an appointment with the vet
before you ever pick
up your puppy
. Please, please, please bring your puppy to your veterinarian within three days of receiving
your puppy or our health guarantee is null and void. We also encourage everyone to set up a regular
veterinarian care schedule and make sure you keep up with the puppy shots. Have your pet checked
regularly for heartworms. Use a good de-wormer that is recommended by your vet on a regular basis. Our
vet recommends Panacur, and that's what we use. Use a good flea protection program.
Please be aware that vaccinations sometimes fail for various reasons, and a dog does not develop full
immunity to some diseases until they are a full year old and have had all their puppy shots, including a
booster at the age of 1 year. If you are not willing or able to make sure that your puppy gets ALL of his
scheduled vaccines and boosters,
please do not purchase a puppy.
The ideal method of guarding your new puppy against illnesses is to keep it away from other puppies less
than a year old, older dogs who have not had vaccines, any dog who is ill, and places where other dogs
have been doing their business or other dogs have been ill until your puppy is at least a year old and has
his/her final booster. This isn't always practical or even possible,  but being informed is a good alternative
and a strict adherence to all vaccination schedules and a veterinary program is a must. There are many
illnesses that can affect dogs. If you keep yourself informed, you can avoid health problems and illnesses in
your puppy. Don't wait a few weeks or a month and then take the puppy to the vet. Do it right away, as
soon as possible. Don't wait until your puppy is sick to introduce him to the vet. Get into the habit of seeing
your vet on a regular basis. Think of him as your puppy's pediatrician. The vet is a good person to get to
know, and taking your dog to the vet for shots, health checkup, etc., is a good habit to get into right at the
very beginning. Puppies require the same attention and care -- vaccines, well checkups, vitamins, etc. -- as
human children. If you are not willing to commit to doing this, please buy a hamster or some other animal
that does not require the care and attention that a puppy will require.
If we ship a dog to you, we guarantee the health of the puppy when he or she is placed on the transport.
This is guaranteed by the veterinarian's Interstate Health Certificate that is required by law to ship a dog
across state lines. However, we cannot guarantee the health of the dog after it gets on the transport, as we
have no control over what the puppy is exposed to in transit. Certainly, all the animals on the transport
have to have an interstate veterinarian health certificate, though, so exposure should be minimal.
One Year Health Guarantee

My one year congenital guarantee is to be used  in case the puppy you adopted from us is diagnosed with a congenital disease
within his first birthday, and that will allowed you to get a replacement puppy of the same sex/value right away if available or as
soon as it comes available.
If shipping is involved you will be responsible and no shipping fees will be  refunded at any time.  
If at any time you feel that your family is not the best for one of my adopted babies , and need to re-homed him/her ; please
contact me , I will take him/her back .     
Please note that this warranty is intended to cover serious genetic defects that are unforeseeable at this time. The warranty does
not provide for accidental death of this puppy. Nor does not cover minor conditions common to the breed: ectropion, cherry eye,
entropies, loose patella, elongated soft palate, and stenotic nares (pinched nostrils).

I as the seller makes no guarantees regarding for allergies, internal parasites,
demodectic mange or dermatitis due to the factthat these ailments can be environmentally induced.

Your Bayou Boston Terrier puppy will be examined by a licensed veterinarian before leaving my home and care, given the proper
vaccinations and Worming before leaving my care. Worms, coccidia, giardia or fleas are not a reason to return your puppy.
Puppies are treated for the possibility of worms and I do everything with my power to prevent parasites both internal and
external. However there is never a guarantee they wouldn't have them.

I as the seller further guarantee your puppy for ( 1 Year ) from the date of his or her birth against life threatening congenital
defects,  meaning Puppy Will Die Because Of This Defect. If within that time a life threatening congenital defect is found, Seller
will replace this puppy with another Boston Terrier Puppy, quality and sex. No money will be refunded. Also your puppy must
have all needed vaccinations by licensed veterinarian, heart worm prevention. In the unlikely event of your puppy's
death in the ( 1 Year ) , from the date of birth due to a life threatening congenital defects, a signed statement from a licensed
veterinarian confirming such an event and an autopsy is required. Please note, under no circumstances will I the seller be
responsible for veterinary or medical bills incurred. Autopsy must be paid by the (Buyer).
I accept $300.00 non-refundable deposits to hold a puppy until it is time
for it to go to it's new home.  It must be understood these deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE
in the event that you change your mind about adopting a puppy you have placed a deposit
on and I have stopped advertising that particular puppy, and turned away all other potential
homes for that particular puppy.  If you do not understand or agree with this...
please DO NOT send a deposit. Deposits are refundable in the event that something
happens to your puppy and he/she can not be adopted to you.
Deposits serve several purposes...
(1)Deposits assure the puppy buyer they can get the puppy of their

(2)Deposits are one of the things I consider when agreeing to place a
puppy with someone.  If the puppy is not ready to leave me and the
buyer is willing to place a non-refundable deposit on the puppy it tells
me they are serious about adding one of my puppies to their family.

(3)Deposits help insure the well being of my puppies.  Consider this...
If I did not accept non-refundable deposits, many people would simple
ask me to hold a puppy for them and when I do and they are not as
serious as I think...I watch this precious puppy grow thinking it's new
family is waiting for it.  I do not consider another home for this puppy.  
Anyone asking about a puppy is told none are available.  THEN when the
puppy is ready to leave for it's new home, I find out the people were not
as serious about adding this puppy to their home as I thought.  The puppy
has missed several opportunities to go to loving homes.  This simply isn't
fair to my puppies or to people interesting in adding one of my puppies to
their family.  Non-refundable deposits help insure my puppies go to
responsible homes.

(4)I work hard to raise happy healthy puppies.  I do give a written health
guarantee.  If at any time, while I am raising a puppy, it is found not to be
a happy healthy puppy..of course the deposit is immediately returned.  
Putting a deposit on one of my puppies is the same as purchasing one...
you are guaranteed a happy healthy puppy.  Think of the deposit as a
down payment on a wonderful puppy from a responsible breeder.

I want the very best for my puppies.  Non-Refundable Deposits are just
one of the ways I accomplish this.