Judy's Bayou Bostons
Family Raised Boston Terriers
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"This is exciting!" That is my thought and hopefully yours as
well as you embark on what can only be called an adventure of
bringing your new Bayou Boston baby into your home. After
all they already are in your heart.

I understand and encourage excitement. Since raising my
Bayou Bostons I have witnessed first hand the happiness each
one of my puppies have brought to their new families.  I hold
dear a joy which comes from knowing all of my puppies are
raised with gentle loving care and a vast reserve of
accumulated knowledge, understanding and wisdom acquired
throughout years to create one of the dearest pets you will ever
have as a family member.

As an experienced and personable breeder I am ready to work
with you and your family before and more importantly after
you bring your new Bayou Boston baby home. Let's face it,
puppies are baby dogs and baby dogs require extra care and
attention to serve as a wonderful companion. It's a big
responsibility but definitely worth the effort. Being raised in
my home your new Bayou Boston baby will be very familiar
with the sights, sounds and activity of a busy family or
household. They will also enjoy early handling and cuddling
that comes from loving interaction with me and my family.
They will also become accustomed to early grooming. They
will also become truly acquainted with other pets as well, this
in turn prepares them for a social life that would include not
exclude other household pets. Even cats! By raising my
puppies in this manner they are equipped with the confidence
they need to enter the dynamics of their new family. The less
stress the better.

It is  a privilege to be the breeder of your Bayou Boston baby
and a responsibility I do not take lightly. In my rich experience
since raising Boston Terriers I have accumulated vital
knowledge and wisdom concerning their breed. I in turn am
happy to readily share my knowledge with you and I encourage
you to stay in contact with me and share photos, updates,
experiences and even videos of your Bayou Boston growing up
and beyond. I have many families who have become dear
friends after bringing one of my babies home.
Intelligence dictates that it's not only important to choose the
right Boston baby to add to your family but just as importantly
it's vital that your adopt your new Boston from the right
person, and that person is me.

Again I look forward to working with you and your new Bayou
Boston baby.
With heartfelt kindness,